Accident reconstruction is the practice of using the principles of mechanical engineering to determine the course of an accident. While we often use accident reconstruction for motor vehicle accidents, we also use the same techniques to reconstruct accidents in other settings, such as accidents in heavy industry (e.g. railroads, maritime, construction, etc.) or accidents arising from participation in recreational activities (e.g. snow and water sports, mountain biking, etc.).

Accident reconstruction is useful to determine what happened before and during an accident, especially when there are no witnesses or there are conflicting accounts. We examine accident reports and witness statements; conduct site and equipment inspections; and, use physical evidence (such as injuries and vehicle damage) to guide our analyses. Taking all the existing information into account, our consultants often use 3D computer models, perform mathematical simulations, and conduct testing with volunteers and crash test dummies to examine the validity of a claim and/or determine possible accident configurations.


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