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B.S., Michigan State 2015


Alex Sklar

Testing Engineer

Alex Sklar is a Testing Engineer at Guidance Engineering and Applied Research. He designs and executes complex electromechanical testing to obtain mechanical and biomechanical data related to human performance, human capabilities, and injury likelihood. Mr. Sklar specializes in testing with man-borne instrumentation including accelerometers, rate gyroscopes, and load cells. He has extensive experience with the use of high-speed data acquisition systems, motion capture body suits, and GPS units and has integrated multiple systems to create customized testing solutions for in-field and laboratory testing. Mr. Sklar also measures the response of snow ski binding systems.

Prior to starting at Guidance Engineering, Mr. Sklar was a Design Release Engineer at General Motors for the Park Assist system and an Electrical Issue Resolution Team Co-Chair who worked with the Electrical team to resolve electrical build issues. Mr. Sklar has experience testing industrial power distribution equipment involved in fires and for acceptance testing applications. He has also analyzed electrical components to help determine causes of fires. Mr. Sklar has been involved in audio projects and worked to design a multi-channel color organ that filters sound and activates lights dedicated to a range of frequencies. In addition, Mr. Sklar has designed a DC motor and controller from an automotive alternator to provide a cost-effective solution to power electric bikes.

Mr. Sklar is an avid snowboarder with experience in the ski resort industry. He is an AASI certified snowboard instructor, has taught at the Ski and Ride School at Mt. Brighton, and worked in Lift Operations at Steamboat Resort. 



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