Tel. +1 (206) 258-4201

Ph.D., Purdue 2018
M.S., Purdue 2014
B.S., Purdue 2011

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Denise Cruise, Ph.D.

Biomechanics Associate

Dr. Denise Cruise is a Biomechanics Associate specializing in injury biomechanics and accident reconstruction at Guidance Engineering and Applied Research. Dr. Cruise investigates human injuries produced in accidents and product failures by applying the principles of engineering to the human body. She determines the forces and body motions associated with injuries and uses this data evaluate injury likelihood and understand better what happened in an accident. Dr. Cruise has analyzed injury claims arising from motor vehicle accidents, slip/trip and falls, exercise equipment, and other recreational activities.

Dr. Cruise has extensive experience with engineering design, testing, and analyses. Dr. Cruise has researched human kinematics and injury potential using volunteer studies, anthropomorphic test devices, computational models of the human body, and statistical methods. 

Prior to joining Guidance Engineering, Dr. Cruise was a Graduate Student Researcher at Purdue University where she conducted research in the field of biomechanical engineering. She studied human balance through mathematical modeling and experiments. She developed novel electromechanical measurement devices to analyze human gait and balance, conducted human subject testing with both young and older adults, and developed mathematical models to better understand human movement.


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