Tel. +1 (310) 909-8733

Ph.D., UCLA 2007
M.S., UCLA 2006
B.S., UC Berkeley 2000

Lenka Stepan, Ph.D.

Biomechanics Principal

Dr. Lenka Stepan is a Biomechanics Principal specializing in injury biomechanics and accident reconstruction at Guidance Engineering and Applied Research. Dr. Stepan analyzes human injuries and reconstructs accidents using biomechanical techniques that apply principles of engineering to the human body. For accidents and product failures, she determines the biomechanical mechanisms of injury, uses injuries as physical evidence to reconstruct the events, and examines the forces and motions in the context of those experienced during non-injurious activities.

In addition, Dr. Stepan has investigated injury potential using anthropometric testing devices (crash test dummies), computer modeling, and statistical techniques. Dr. Stepan has conducted biomechanical analyses for injury claims arising from recreational activities (such as skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, mountain biking, wakeboarding, waterskiing, ATVs, snowmobiling, etc.), slip/trip and falls, product failures, motor vehicle accidents, maritime accidents, and heavy equipment operation.

Dr. Stepan is actively involved in sport safety research including examining the efficacy of helmets for snow and water sports, skier speeds and reaction times, terrain park jumps, and ski lifts.  She has also investigated the properties of bulk and thin film nitinol for use in blood contacting medical applications, evaluated the hydrodynamic performance of artificial heart valves, examined laser-tissue interactions for surgical instrumentation, and guided the development of a wireless physiological monitoring device. 

Prior to starting at Guidance Engineering, Dr. Stepan was a Senior Associate at Exponent Failure Analysis Associates and a Research Scientist at Physical Optics Corporation. Dr. Stepan is the USA National Secretary of the International Society for Skiing Safety and a member of ASTM F27 for Snow and Water Sports and ASTM F08 Sports Equipment.

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